• We have one solid comfort amidst this little tripping about, our hearts can always be in the same place, centered in God, for whom alone we go forward or stay back.

    - Catherine McAuley

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"By collaborating with others in works of mercy, we continually learn from them how to be more merciful."
-- Constitutions, Sisters of Mercy

As one of the first charitable groups to care for the sick in the early history of this country, the Sisters of Mercy founded many hospitals. To these pioneers of nursing, caring for patients was an art and a profession. High healthcare standards and levels of care achieved by these early sisters continue to serve today as models for several nationally recognized healthcare systems.



Mercy Story

  • oconnellSister Brigid O'Connell was recently in the Cedar Rapids area to visit family, friends and sisters during her winter break from her ministry. Brigid travels a distance for a visit as one of four sisters from the West Midwest Community who serve in a ministry overseas.